darling membership

Welcome to the club! | $150/mo
Become a hello darling salon member and enjoy 20% off all salon services and 4 complimentary blowouts per month
can be paused | non-transferable

unlimited membership

Experience all our salon has to offer | $600/mo
As an unlimited member, you will feel like you have a personal glam team at your beckon call. Experience our unlimited membership where you can come see us any time, as many times as you'd like.
excludes extensions

unlimited blowouts

a whole month of blowouts!  | 350/mo
come in any time for a beautiful blowout


the pit stop

You can have it all... in 30 minutes! | $85
This package combines our top express services; done simultaneously in 30 minutes:
express blowout + express makeup
no modifications

the early bird

8am-10am, Monday-Friday | $30
Leaving the gym? Straight out of the shower, washed and ready to be blown out.
can not be combined with any other package

blowout bundles

20% Off | when you buy 10
10% Off | when you buy 5


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our industry mates enjoy 20% off
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our neighbors enjoy 15% off
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